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The Bistrampolis Manor

That is one of the most significant estates of late 15th century in Northern Lithuania. Since the end of the 17th century, the Bistrampolis estate had belonged to the Bystram family for close to three centuries. The Polish writer Henryk Sienkewicz, a Nobel Prize winner and a relative of the family wrote a historical trilogy at the estate. The landlords had a collection of 2,000 books, a collection of works of art and had compiled a rich archive of their family. The new manor house was finished in 1850. The classicist two storey manor with an arcade and a pillared front facade is rectangular in shape and sits diagonally to the points of the compass. Another 10 buildings within the ensemble of the estate, the oldest of them dating back to 1820 have endured to this day. The manor is surrounded by a large 19th century park with three ponds and a cemetery.

In the course of time, the facades of the manor house have been mended and the icehouse has been rebuilt. The estate’s former power-station now houses a museum of book-smuggling, with a display of the cross under which the book-smuggler Jurgis Bielinis died. The park pavilion has been reconstructed on Birutė Hill. The manor house now has a hotel and a cafe, and a concert hall has been set up in the surviving stud farm.


Bistrampolis Manor, Kučiai Village, Panevėžys District


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